Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fees and Prices


Aikido Seishinkan is entirely a non profit organisation. The instructors receive no remuneration for the classes they teach. The fees that are chargeable to the students go to pay for rent, electricity and water consumed.

Class fees

RM100.00 for 3 months to be paid on or before the 10th of the final month, failing which a fine of RM10.00 is imposed (For each month of every quarter).

RM35.00 application fee (one time payment) for new students.

RM25.00 application fee for students attempting any kyu up-grading exam.


We do not encourage very young children to join us although certain dojos do teach children's classes. The preferable minimum age for entry at Seishinkan is 15 years old. For some parents who would like enroll their kids, the dojo allows 2 free classes to determine whether or they can become a member.

Gi and Belt

RM65.00 for gi jacket and trousers and white belt which can be purchased from the dojo, subject to availability.

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