Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ai Ki Do : The Way of Spiritual Harmony

The martial art of Aikido utilises an opponent's strength and movement against themselves thereby providing a truly efficient and effective system of self-defence against numerous and/or larger opponents. As Aikido practitioners also do not depend upon their own muscular strength, it is an art which is comfortably suitable for both sexes and to persons of all ages.

Aikido has obtained a far reaching audience today primarily because as we evolve into a more sophisticated form of society our choice too in our martial arts reflects that sophistication.

In the words of the Founder of Aikido :

"Aikido is nonviolence. Every human being has been entrusted with a mandate from heaven, and the victory we seek is to overcome all challenges and fight to the finish, accomplishing our goals. In aikido we never attack. If you want to strike first, to gain advantage over someone, that is proof your training is insufficient, and it is really you yourself who has been defeated. Let your partner attack, and use his aggression against him. Do not cower from an attack; control it before it begins. Nonviolence is the true practice of aikido".
- Morihei Ueshiba.

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